Member Jeff A. Receives Green Hero Award!

A while back, the Green Sanctuary Team sent around a survey to take nominations for Green Heroes, or members of our church who are demonstrating exceptional and/or creative environmental stewardship. The nominations were received, a vote was taken, and Jeff A. was named our first Green Hero!

Jeff bought his Prius about two years ago. It was slated for the junkyard. He wanted to extend the car’s battery range, so he first tried installing extra batteries using a kit, but those did not work very well. He has since replaced them with better batteries. The extra batteries allow him to get as much as 80 miles per gallon, nearly four times the national average. His typical mileage is around 50 miles per gallon, however, because other drivers do not seem to have the patience for him to drive slow enough to get higher mileage.

Jeff would like to send the message that everyone can take similar small actions to help protect our environment. It is up to us; we do not have to wait on others or the government to do everything to take care of what we value.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Jeff!

Do you know a Green Hero in our congregation? Go to to submit a nomination for the next round.

Jeff with the extra batteries he installed in his Prius


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