What can go in our new single-stream recycling bin?

The Green Sanctuary Team is happy to announce that FUUCSA will be receiving our single-stream recycling bin any day now, which will allow us to deposit all of our accepted recycling materials in one place for collection service. Hooray!
The bin will be located next to our other dumpsters by the back parking lot, and a collection truck will empty the bin twice a month.

The following items may all go into the bin:

Aluminum, steel, and tin cans
CD cases
Glass bottles
Hanging files
Laundry detergent containers
Paper – copy paper, flyers, brochures, envelopes
Peanut butter containers
Phone books
Plastic #1-7
Soda and water bottles **Plastic bottle caps can go in the bin, but they must be removed from the bottles first!

The following items may NOT go into the bin:

Aluminum foil
Carbon paper
Electronic and computer scrap material
Floor sweepings
Hazardous waste
Plastic bags and plastic shrinkwrap
Plastic-lined containers (such as juice boxes and milk cartons)
Plastic utensils
Used paper plates and paper cups
Wet materials
Yard debris

Paper products can still be recycled through our existing Abitibi paper retriever bin, and we will be determining whether or not to keep that bin now that we have a bin that collects mixed items. Please do not put any materials other than paper products in the Abitibi paper recycling bin.

We will continue to update information on recycling on campus through the announcements and on our blog. As this is a new ongoing project, there will be plenty of things for us to learn and share with everyone! If you have a question about the bin or what materials may go in the bin, please talk to Alexandra or David.


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