Do You Know a Green Hero?

The First Unitarian Universalist  Green Sanctuary Team would like to recognize “Green Heroes” within our congregation. We know there are many individuals and families stepping up for the environment who are not active members of the church’s Green Sanctuary Team because of time constraints, scheduling conflicts…or maybe you just have not heard of us yet! This is a chance for us to get to know each other and to recognize some of the wonderful actions and talents of our congregants with respect to the environment.

If you know an individual or family who is demonstrating exceptional and/or creative stewardship of the Earth, please nominate them by following this link to our nomination form at:

Examples of Green Hero actions might include: recycling or refurbishing products, participating in a community sustainability project, reducing waste, weatherizing buildings, using art to build awareness of environmental issues, you name it! You can even nominate yourself or your own family (we won’t tell!)! Please keep nominations to members of the congregation and preferably those who are not yet active members of the Green Sanctuary Team. One entry per person, please.

We will be taking nominations until midnight on Monday, October 10, 2011. Green Team members will interview nominees and the Green Hero(es) will be chosen by an open vote. We hope to repeat this program quarterly.

Please email co-chairs David Martin (dmartin017 [at] satx [dot] rr [dot] com) or Alexandra Neville (Alexandra [dot] gwynne [at] gmail [dot] com) with any questions.

Again, the nomination form can be found at .

Thank you in advance for your participation!

Actor Ed Begley, Jr., demonstrating his household water recycling system

Ed Begley, Jr. describing grey water catchment system
Fun story: Actor Ed Begley, Jr., and science educator Bill Nye (the science guy!) have been in a competition to see who is the greater “Green Hero” ever since they moved into the same L.A. neighborhood. You can read an article about their friendly feud here.


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