Using Grey Water

In this time of heat and drought, water is ever on our minds. One way to create more of it for potted plants inside and out is to use grey water. That is, of course, water collected from showers, mainly. A pail or whatever container will fit on the floor of your shower or tub will collect enough water to keep several plants going. Better yet, if your washer hose drains into a wash tub, you can collect a lot more. I use smaller plastic containers to move the water to plants since the pailful is too heavy. (You may be stronger.) And, no the soap residue doesn’t harm the plants. When rain does come, have strong containers under your roof down spouts. I found a galvanized tub holding about 20 gallons at my local builders’ supply store. It held enough for at least a week’s worth of watering. This is a case where metal roofs such as we have at the church really shine (no pun intended) since they absorb almost no water.


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